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p> Concomitance // concurrency // concurrence // coincidence // simultaneity // simultaneousness // synchrony // synchronicity // synchronism // contemporaneity // contemporaneousness // ubiquitousness – How articulation is conducted in my studio work

V Art of Research conference was held on November 26-27 2014 at Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki, Finland

Involved in the contemporary discourse of practice-led research, the Art of Research Conference 2014 brought out the interactive and dynamic relationship between experience, materiality and articulation. How are different fields and media shaping these in novel ways through various methods, tools, and skills? How do research and practices operate from these relationships? Through these questions the main aim of the event was to engage in a shared exploration of bold and visionary thinking across different entangling practices.

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Absence 2013/14

Kerstin Abraham Ausstellungsansicht Instalation Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki, Finland

From more than 100 years manual work - handwork - has been free from the attributes of the everyday life. it is an everyday life of a modern post industrial society, a media society. When i started working on »Absence« it was the first time that i used the internet as a medium. Techniques used are research, auction and installation. Industrial produced plates provides as material. The side to show »Absence« ideally the Wedgwood Memorial Building in Burslem, located between Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool.