2010, March

Ausstellung »Valeur Refuge«, Limoges, Frankreich

»Valeur Refuge« (Sicherer Hafen)
beauty - humility - ceramics
Ausstellung vom 15. Juni bis 1. Dezember 2012
Fondation d’entreprise Bernardaud
27, Avenue Albert Thomas

Kuratiert von Frédéric Bodet, Kurations-Assistent, Abteilung für Moderne und Zeitgenössische Kunst, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris.

Mit Werken von:
Kerstin Abraham – Deutschland
Ruth Borgenicht – U.S.A
Piet Hein Eek – Niederlande
Dick van Hoff – Niederlande
Ted Neal – U.S.A
Pekka Paikkari – Finnland
Hervé Rousseau – Frankreich
Robert Winokur – U.S.A

»All eight artists in this exhibition, be they sculptors or designers, seek to forge a link between the past and the present, exploring the theme of »the home« in works that demonstrate a growing trend in today’s society. Through them we are able to share their intuitive preference for archetypal forms that were in use before the advent of mass-consumption and post-industrial disasters.«
Hélène Huret, Direktorin der Fondation d’entreprise Bernardaud, Limoges.

Aus dem Pressematerial über Kerstin Abraham:
»After an initial stay at the European Keramiek Working Center (EKWC) in S’Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands) in 1998, Kerstin Abraham returned for another three-month residency in 2010. It was here that she created several of the works exhibited in »Valeur Refuge« (Safe Haven), notably the installation entitled »Über Malerei« (On Painting) composed of nine large oval dishes (each a metre wide!) within a setting inspired by the paintings of Wilhelm Hammershoi (1864-1916), a protagonist of modern Danish painting, renowned for his portrayals of confined, enigmatic domestic interiors in soft, austere tones ranging from whitish-beige to greyish-browns. These unpainted glazed faience dishes are not intended to be seen as decorative objects to be individually displayed on walls, but as a single pictorial space that runs the gamut of the range of nine different whites found in the paintings of this »master of Northern light«.
Also presented in »Valeur Refuge« is a group of outsize glazed faience containers reminiscent of 18th century French soup tureens and flute chiller basins. The artist has painted them black inspired by another of her works, »Musterbuch«, 48 facsimiles of which are also presented in the exhibition. These sum up our instinctive need for a home and a frugal, rustic lifestyle. »I want to make something delicate that expresses time in the most beautiful way«, says the artist by way of revealing her intentions concerning this project for which the notion of interior and exterior is essential. References to architecture can also be found in her minimal use of form where the notion of decor is still present.
This is the first time her work has been exhibited in France.«
Hélène Huret, Direktorin der Fondation d’entreprise Bernardaud, Limoges.

02Limoges Plakat.
01limoges Kerstin Abraham Ausguss 2004.